Terms & Conditions


a) The School reserves the right to refuse to allow a pupil to attend the School if he/she has been rusticated from Chinkara English Academy Sayla due to unethical practices.

b) The School reserves the right to fix the School fee for a term at any time up to the last day of the preceding term. Every effort will, however, be made to give not less than one term’s notice of alterations to the fees.

c) The School reserves the right to review scholarship and bursary awards in the light of changes in a pupil’s progress, contribution and level of commitment.


a) The School may in its absolute discretion require a parent to remove a pupil from the School whose attendance, progress or behaviour is unsatisfactory. In such circumstances the parent shall not be entitled to any refund of the fees due or already paid. Nor shall any refund be due for absence due to illness.

b) The School reserves the right to require a parent to remove a pupil from the School if they knowingly fail to disclose important information about their child’s special educational, medical and social needs. Such information should be advised in writing at least four months before a pupil joins the School.


a) The parent undertakes to ensure that the pupil attends school regularly throughout each term (dates of which will be published well in advance). All pupils are required to participate in all school subjects including games and other out of school activities, including all activities for school.

b) The parent undertakes to ensure that the pupil conforms to such rules of appearance, dress and behaviour as shall be issued by the School from time to time.


a) During a pupil’s time in the School, the Govt Medical Authority shall have unlimited right to give the pupil’s parents or guardian, the Principal or other senior members of the teaching staff such information as he thinks necessary in the pupil’s or the School’s interests.


a) Parents/guardians accept a place at the school for their son or daughter in the knowledge that data about pupils and their parents/guardians will be collected periodically and stored and processed to allow for the efficient operation of the School. Some pupil data is passed to outside agencies for educational purposes.

b) Parents/guardians accepting a place at the School consent to the School’s use of their child’s photograph, and other information relating to their achievements, for promotional purposes. Such information may be published in school literature, on the school website or through other media.